Monday, April 27, 2020

Sign up to get text notification of short weekly IPM audio updates

A few weeks ago I introduced the new IPM Audio Updates that we are producing. The IPM Agents strive to cover all the important news yet keep the broadcast under 10 minutes. The High Plains version features Blayne Reed, Kerry Siders, Dagan Teague and John Thobe. The Concho St. Lawrence version features Haley Kennedy and Brad Easterling. Pat Porter and Suhas Vyavhare will make cameo appearances as needed.

There are two separate broadcasts, one for the High Plains and one for the Concho St. Lawerence area. If you want both then sign up for each one separately. The signup page is here:  https://www.texasinsects.org/signup-texts.html. Once you are signed up, you will get a text message immediately after the weekly broadcast is completed and posted on our server.

There is not much fine print: We will never share your phone number or any other information with anyone. We don't ask your name, but we will ask whether you are a producer, consultant, ag industry, AgriLife or other. This so that we can get an idea of who is using the service. If you decide to stop getting the text messages, just text the word STOP to the number that is at the bottom of each text message. 

Join us for rapid updates on insects, weeds, diseases and growing conditions as we start the 2020 season. If you want to sample the broadcasts before signing up, the ones so far are here: https://www.texasinsects.org/southern-high-plains-pest-news.html. (Future recordings will be in stereo.)